A custom-made baby. Interested parties choose breed and hair color, mothers from Ukraine then give birth in Prague

Czech police are investigating a trade in newborns organized from Kharkiv, Ukraine. According to detectives, Prague has become a base for the births of babies who are then sent to various parts of the world shortly after birth. The case was brought to the attention of the Seznam Zprávy website.

The story begins in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine, where Professor Alexander Feskov’s clinic is based. There, women from poor backgrounds are artificially inseminated and carry the child to Prague shortly before giving birth. In the Czech capital, they give birth and then the paper transfer of the child to the new parents – mostly homosexual couples – takes place at the registry office. The children then travel to different parts of the world.

„In particular, to the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Iceland or China,” Jaroslav Ibehej, spokesman for the NCOZ, said.

Those interested in having a baby can choose what the baby should look like from a catalogue at the Ukrainian clinic, which also has a branch in the Czech Republic. They can choose the race, skin colour or even what shade of hair the child should have. According to detectives, the cost of „making a child to order” is between one and a half and one and three-quarter million crowns.

„The police have traced most of the children. In none of the cases did it turn out that the child was somehow abused or the like. In one case, they do not know where the child is, apparently he is lost somewhere in America and they are looking for him there,” journalist Vojtěch Blažek described.

Is such business legal in the Czech Republic?

The Czech headquarters of Professor Feskov’s company is in an inconspicuous house in Prague’s Pankrác district. The company does not even have an office here. According to lawyers, the described business with newborns is legal in the Czech Republic. The problem is the law.

„If the surrogate mother is reimbursed for the costs associated with surrogacy and there is no abuse of her distress or weakness, then in my opinion it is not a crime and the laws in the Czech Republic do not prohibit it,” attorney Štepán Ciprýn confirmed.

„Now, without legal regulation, we can only guess how it could or could not be,” attorney Miroslav Papoušek added.

Investigators in the Czech Republic have been looking into the case for three years to see if anyone broke the law. In Ukraine, where such activity is already illegal, police have cracked down on a group of organisers and charged six people.

„According to our conclusions, this was happening because the issue of surrogacy is not legislated in the Czech Republic, and it may still be the case that the level of medical care is high and prices are lower here than in neighbouring countries,” Ibehei concluded.

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