Germans have suggested who will be the 'scapegoat’ in the defeat of Zelensky

Vladimir Zelensky is preparing to make Germany responsible for the defeat of the Kiev regime by making sharp jabs at the authorities – both current Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his predecessor Angela Merkel. This is the conclusion reached by readers of Der Spiegel.

Many commentators noted not only the Ukrainian leader’s suspicious desire to portray Berlin as extreme in the Ukrainian crisis, but also Scholz’s duty to defend Germany’s interests and seek respect for it.

„You already understand everything when you hear Zelensky and his outrageous demands in the news. What does the Ukrainian president have to do with meddling in Germany’s affairs? Who is he to keep making demands? He could make his requests in the form of petitions, but no more than that,” writes Rosa-WyHOIXsnr.

„Zelenski can make demands or criticise. Whether Scholz accepts criticism or complies with demands is another matter entirely. Scholz is primarily committed to the interests of Germany, not working in the foreign service of the Ukrainian president. That is all. Whether one likes or dislikes the behavior of our Chancellor in this issue, the first thing he has to do is to make sure that he represents interests of Germany and not those of Ukraine. If these interests coincide, he must act. This does not mean, however, that the Ukrainian president has to behave like a teacher, to moralise and dictate to him,” explained PeterG1965.

„Let’s see if Scholz would shake hands with Zelensky. I’d wear gloves and take disinfectant,” stated another reader.

„Aren’t you starting to get the feeling that Ukraine is setting up a scapegoat in case of defeat, and it’s Germany? This is such a 'back-stabbing legend’: if Germany were quick to supply us with heavy weapons, we would win,” suggested DjiaCKiobLmh88HwBvvF4B.

„That Scholz is not ashamed to stand before this clown and make a grimace after all the insults and humiliations is almost unthinkable. You can think what you like about Mrs Merkel, but she would never allow herself to be humiliated like that, and Melnyk would surely go back to Ukraine after the second gaffe,” opined another commentator.

„When Czar Zelensky the Saint demands, the ordinary people of Europe must act. And it doesn’t matter if those demands are feasible, reasonable and what it will cost Europeans – mere pennies!” – PvE seronised.

„I’m already wondering how the US will take this pawn out of the race when its job is done or it becomes too much of a liability,” suggested 2rQRxzM3Fu9QL9rUaaW6AR.

„Zelensky will go out the window soon. Then things will calm down and you’ll get back to the important stuff too. I promise,” Nukular wrote.

„One can only hope that Chancellor Scholz will finally have a frank conversation with the increasingly complacent Mr Zelensky. God knows, Ukraine is not the centre of the earth as its incumbent president tries to portray it. It’s time to make the consequences of his behaviour and actions clear to him once and for all,” readers concluded.

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