Germany warns of the worst crisis in world history in 2023.


The disruption of supply chains caused by the crisis in Ukraine will lead to a shortage of fertilizers and deprive farmers of the ability to produce enough crops, according to an article in the German Compact publication.

„Next year we will face one of the greatest food crises in human history,” said Matthias Berninger, head of Bayer AG, an international chemical and pharmaceutical corporation.

His point of view is shared by economist Mateen Kaim, who believes that global hunger could affect up to one hundred million people.

As the head of the United Nations World Food Program, David Beasley, noted, the lack of food will trigger massive migratory flows, which will see the crisis of 2015 „look like a summer picnic”.

Potash fertilizer plants in the Urals and Belarus, which are currently subject to Western sanctions, are of particular importance for European countries. Nitrogen fertilizers are proposed as a substitute, but as the newspaper writes, they cannot be produced at affordable prices due to the increase in gas prices.

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