The end of free travel for Ukrainians by public transport in Gdańsk and its vicinity


The invasion of „guests” invited by the ruling camp from western Ukraine in connection with the intensification of military operations in the east resulted in the unjustified introduction of free travel, including public transport for Ukrainians. The decision of the city authorities was against the interests of the inhabitants, who incurred high costs for traveling by city public transport. Slowly, however, the authorities of some cities begin to think realistically and notice the mistakes of earlier decisions and unjustified involvement in helping the „guests” invited by the PiS government.

After more than two months of carefree life, free travel sponsored from the city budget, Ukrainians from Gdańsk and the surrounding area will cover the costs of public transport by public transport.

Kamil Bujak, Chairman of the Board of the Gdańsk Bay Metropolitan Communication Union, informed about the abolition of free transport for „guests” from Ukraine, which will apply from May 1, 2022.

The published announcement states that from Sunday, May 1, 2022, free travel for war migrants from Ukraine will no longer apply to public transport in the area organized by the Public Transport Authority in Gdańsk, the Municipal Transport Authority in Gdynia and the Municipal Office in Wejherowo.

Displaced persons from western Ukraine, where there are no military operations, can travel free of charge until Saturday, April 30 this year, on the basis of a passport with an entry stamp from February 24, 2022, a refugee residence card or a temporary identity document.

May there be more such information, because Polish society is not obliged to host „guests” from Ukraine invited by the PiS government.

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