Turley: Did The 'QAnon Shaman’ Salvage Shafted On Sentencing? Recent Footage Raises Questions Over The Chansley Case


Authored by Jonathan Turley,

If there may be one picture from Jan. Sixth that can stay indelible with the day, it’s the “QAnon Shaman.” Naked chested and carrying an animal headdress, horns and red-white-and-blue face paint, Jake Angeli Chansley is to the Capitol riot what Rosie the Riveter was once to World Warfare II. Howling and “chanting an unintelligible mantra” on the Senate floor, he’s the embodiment of the unhinged rage that led to one among mainly essentially the most disgraceful assaults on our constitutional path of in historic earlier.

On the other hand, the newly launched Fox photos from that day raises extreme questions over the prosecution and punishment of Chansley.


The videotapes aired on Tucker Carlson this week clarify Chansley being escorted by officers by plot of the Capitol. Two officers appear to now not absolute most life like recordsdata him to the bottom nonetheless genuinely appear to be making an attempt to starting locked doorways for him. At one level, Chansley is confirmed strolling unimpeded by plot of numerous armed officers along with his four-foot flag-draped spear and horned Viking helmet on his plot to the Senate floor.

It’s otherworldly photos. Whereas I admit that I functionality these tales from the standpoint of a prolonged-standing felony safety approved skilled, I might properly properly properly be outraged if I was unable to gaze such proof sooner than a plea or sentencing. At no level within the videotapes does Chansley appear violent or threatening. Actually, he seems to be wish to thank the officers for his or her steering and help. On the Senate floor, Chansley genuinely gave a prayer to thank the officers agreed “to permit us into the constructing.”

Earlier than addressing the beautiful implications of this photos, one factor wishes to be clear. The ultimate public might properly properly properly additionally restful had been given get hold of entry to to this photos plot discount and the Jan. Sixth Committee withheld essential proof on what took place inside the Capitol on that day.

Whereas it’s comprehensible that many would object to Carlson being given an unusual within the preliminary launch, many within the media are denouncing the discharge of the images to the ultimate public in any respect. The press and pundits in the meanwhile are opposing greater transparency in resisting any contradiction of the legend put ahead by the Jan. Sixth Committee. Actually, MSNBC’s Jason Johnson angrily objected that that is “federal proof” — ignoring that it’s proof that was once denied to felony defendants.

Right here is now not moral space supplies that the ultimate public wishes in order to gaze, it was once doable proof in felony instances adore that of the QAnon Shaman.

When the images aired, I wrote a column elevating the quiz of whether or not this proof was once identified to or shared with Chansley’s safety.

Regardless of each factor, he was once portrayed as a violent offender by the Justice Division at his sentencing.

It now seems to be like that the decision is not any. I spoke with Chansley’s smooth counsel, Bill Shipley, and confirmed that safety counsel did now not possess this space supplies.

In the listening to, federal prosecutor Kimberly Paschall performed movies exhibiting Chansley yelling together with the workforce and insisted “that is now not peaceful.”

That portrayal of Chansley would had been further superior to take if the Courtroom docket was once allowed to gaze photos of Chansley casually strolling by plot of a door of the Capitol with lots of of diversified protesters after which being escorted by officers by plot of the Capitol. At no level is he violent and at no level is he confirmed destroying proof. As a various, he dutifully follows the officers who facilitate his going at ultimate to the unoccupied Senate floor.

All of us knew that Chansley was once handled further harshly due to his visibility. It was once his costume, now not his conduct, that thought to be if it might drive the sentencing. Within the listening to, Suppose Royce Lamberth famed, “He made himself the picture of the riot, didn’t he? For pretty or imperfect, he made himself the very picture of this complete match.”

Lamberth hit Chansley with a heavy 41-month sentence for “obstructing a federal continuing.”

On the other hand, the QAnon Shaman was once led by plot of the Capitol by officers. Safety counsel might properly properly properly additionally possess famed that his “obstruction” in going to an unoccupied Senate floor was once facilitated by officers. Whereas the police had been clearly making an attempt to deescalate the jam after the Capitol was once breached, that is proof of how Chansley got here to the Senate. Actually, his interplay with officers might properly properly properly additionally possess impacted how he considered the gravity of his conduct. It little doubt would had been space supplies to the courtroom in sentencing the conduct.

In his rambling sentencing assertion to the courtroom, Chansley apologized for “numerous imperfect juju that I by no means meant to develop.”

I possess salubrious admire for Suppose Lamberth, who has constantly confirmed an admirable resistance to public stress in excessive profile instances. I’ll now not think about that Lamberth obtain now not want came upon this photos space supplies and albeit alarming.

At first blush, this might perchance appear a clear “Brady violation” when a prosecutor fails to fabricate a defendant with any proof that is pleasurable or exculpatory to his case. Like most issues in Chansley’s existence, it is vitally further superior than it might appear.

  • First, Chansley fast pleaded responsible to the payment. This is able to perchance properly properly additionally had been due in piece to the draconian remedy that he bought by the Justice Division, which insisted on conserving him in solitary confinement and never using a apparent justification. The consequence is that he moved with out observe to sentencing with out priceless discovery in his case.

  • 2nd, the images was once within the possession of the legislative department so the Justice Division might properly properly properly additionally declare that it was once now not required to fabricate it. Actually, the prosecution might properly properly properly additionally had been utterly blind to the images.

  • Third, Chansley waived an enchantment of the plea settlement and is now weeks away from launch. The case is virtually closed.

It’s now not clear, then some other time, if Suppose Lamberth will uncover the failure to uncover this proof troubling and gracious of inquiry. None of which means Chansley obtain now not want been given jail time. Actually, it’s acceptable to sentence rioters to larger than reasonable time ensuing from the assault on our constitutional path of.

However, it’s laborious to think about that Suppose Lamberth would possess given 41 months to a nonviolent, first offender who was once led by plot of the Capitol by regulation enforcement officers to the bottom.

This was once a Navy worn who pleaded responsible to the crime.

The attribute of Congress in withholding this photos is disgraceful and execrable. The Congress and the January Sixth Committee knew of this photos and its relevance to a pending felony case. However, they refused to tag it public. As a various, the January Sixth Committee employed a frail ABC producer to positioned on a made-for-television manufacturing of extraordinarily edited photos for public consumption. Countervailing proof or photos had been constantly excluded and witnesses appeared as digital props to reinforce high of the range video functions.

Even The Latest York Instances admitted the legend was once meant to “recast the midterm message” and “give [Democrats] a platform for making a broader case about why they must conclude in vitality.”

The picture of the QAnon Shaman being escorted by plot of the Capitol by regulation enforcement officers is every so often the picture that they wished to supply an clarification for the ultimate public. So Committee members and counsel buried photos that was once clearly related to actually lots of of various people going through felony sentencing throughout the nation. They did this whereas typically referencing these instances in hearings as upholding the rule of laws.

I take cramped sympathy for Chansley or the others arrested on that day. I was extraordinarily well-known of President Donald Trump’s remarks sooner than the riot.

On the other hand, it’s laborious to gaze this withheld proof and now not increase out that the Qanon Shaman bought the shaft on his sentencing.


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