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Sky Recordsdata has reported that Ukraine inclined UK-made Storm Shadow missiles to strike and assassinate Russia’s Darkish Sea Fleet naval headquarters in Sevastopol on Friday. 

Russia conceded that one missile scored an fast hit, and flicks and footage confirm most well-known wound, however moreover claimed an additional 5 have been shot down by anti-air defenses. Nonetheless, Ukrainian sources believe mentioned numerous missiles struck the HQ, with unverified social media footage circulating which counsel no not as much as two or numerous hit the developing.


Britain and France began supplying the prolonged-fluctuate Storm Shadows beginning closing spring and summer time. President Biden this week belatedly licensed {that a} restricted present of MGM-140 ATACMS missiles, with a spread of as much as 190 miles, will moreover be given to Ukraine. 

Russia inside the aftermath of the Sevastopol HQ strike mentioned that one safety energy supplier member become lacking, however has remained tight-lipped on most well-known features or different doable casualties. 

What’s particular is that it become a really tidy assault, given later inside the day Friday and into Saturday additional and additional footage emerged exhibiting probably the most well-known extent of the devastation, after fires have been extinguished by a big emergency response. 

Western analysts and pro-Kiev sources believe pointed to footage which appear to voice larger than one Storm Shadow missiles hitting Russia’s Darkish Sea Fleet HQ…

The strike on the Russian occupiers’ Darkish Sea Fleet HQ in #Sevastopol that killed Admiral #Sokolov seems to believe consisted of no not as much as two bullseye hits. The developing become already burning critically as a result of the 2nd missile struck: pic.twitter.com/8xeu3lTf4x

— Jessica Berlin (@berlin_bridge) September 22, 2023

One different discrepancy between the rising Russian and Ukrainian narratives issues casualties and whether or not excessive brass become impacted. 

On Saturday Ukraine’s authorities launched that the strike left dozens of pointless and wounded, amongst them „senior administration.” 

Ukraine’s Particular Operations Forces owned as much as it, revealing that the operation become dubbed „Crap Lure” and keen intelligence which positioned senior commanders inside the developing on the time of the strikes. The Telegram assertion mentioned officers have been taken out, „along side the senior administration of the moment.” Nonetheless the assertion did no longer set up names. 

On-line sources are circulating claims deal with the subsequent inside the assault aftermath:

Sounds deal with a signature strike that can require 5 eyes nationwide sources to tug off effectively.

Wager it become moral a fortunate shot tho. https://t.co/7mbXCLMv0J

— Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyRGR) September 22, 2023

The whole Ukrainian safety energy assertion mentioned the subsequent: 

„The fearless and painstaking work of the Particular Operations Forces enabled them to hit the Darkish Sea Fleet headquarters ‘on time and with precision’ whereas the Russian Navy’s senior staff become meeting inside the quickly occupied metropolis of Sevastopol.”

The rules become transmitted to the Air Strain for strike. Essentially the most well-known features of the assault may be revealed as quickly as a result of it is conceivable. The consequence is dozens of pointless and wounded occupiers, along side the senior administration of the moment.”

Clearly, Kiev is claiming to believe pulled off not handiest the fearless strikes inside Crimea however an massive intelligence operation as properly, given it says it had information of timing of when senior administration could be gathered inside the route of the headquarters.

Slowed down and zoomed-in footage of the Ukrainian Storm Shadow/SCALP ALCM slamming into (and via) the roof of the Russian Darkish Sea Fleet headquarters. pic.twitter.com/c8mas1OzAg

— OSINTtechnical (@Osinttechnical) September 22, 2023

In keeping with a separate assertion which comes from Ukrainian intelligence: 

Ukraine’s intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, advised Notify of The US that no not as much as 9 of us have been killed and 16 injured as a outcomes of Kyiv’s assault on the Darkish Sea Fleet on Friday.

He claimed that Alexander Romanchuk, a Russian normal commanding forces alongside the principle southeastern entrance line, become „in a really critical situation” following the assault.

Nonetheless, this has remained unverified by both the Russian facet or honest reporting or observers. Al Jazeera has cited a correspondent in Moscow who describes that „both facet believe remained tight-lipped about their believe casualties” whereas „downplaying their numbers and significance and taking half in up the numbers and significance on the alternative facet.”

Specifically on the Friday Sevastopol assault, the identical journalist mentioned, „Russia confirmed {that a} supplier member become killed inside the assault, inside the start we had heard that six of us have been injured from media stories inside the place.”

Within the interval in-between there have been in a single day stories asserting that Russia unleashed additional principal airstrike on Ukraine, in retaliation for the Darkish Sea Fleet HQ assault.



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