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Authored by Charles Hugh Smith by the expend of OfTwoMinds weblog,

What the Warring Elites do not want us to understand is {that a} system of clear rivals by which no fiefdom is allowed to vary into dominant easiest serves the pursuits of society at intensive.

I have been writing about Warring Elites for a protracted time (since 2007). As I comprise on the full famous, historian Michael Grant acknowledged profound political disunity within the ruling class as a key reason behind the dissolution of the Roman Empire.

Further presently, I’ve seen that Our Fragmentation Quickens (December 20, 2019).

Eras of Warring Elites comprise two key dynamics. One is that the Elites’ pursuits diverge from these of the society as a complete. In mammoth eras, the loads of competing pursuits all around the Elite class acquire odd floor in supporting the clarify quo, and relegate their turf squabbles to the interior most membership rooms. On the full, the shared pursuits of the Elite class align with society at intensive.

Since I look the realm clarify quo as basically neofeudal, we will instruct the pursuits of the The Aristocracy and Peasantry overlap: each class benefits from political and social stability, monetary progress and huge-essentially primarily based mostly distribution of prosperity.

In disintegrative eras, this integrative, shared dynamic breaks down and the pursuits of the Elite diverge from these of society at intensive. The rivals between neofeudal camps within the Elite class breaks into start conflict, and the result’s a profound political disunity of hardened camps combating to protect their fiefdoms from any diminishment of wealth or vitality.

This leads no longer appropriate to political fragmentation nonetheless to social fragmentation as a result of the Elite fiefdoms wage a propaganda conflict for the hearts and minds of the Technocrat Class and the Peasantry. The propaganda conflict is no longer appropriate to connect the veteran us and them divisions by which we’re exact and so that they are execrable, or no longer it’s a good distance additionally about cultivating The Plantation of the Options in order that all the tidy rows of ideas and feelings encourage the pursuits of the Plantation Homeowners. I’ve talked about this for just some years: Colonizing the Plantation of the Options (August 25, 2010) and Social Media’s Plantation of the Options (May maybe maybe maybe 28, 2020).

Each neofeudal fiefdom hopes we comprise seen too many films by which the street between Marvelous and Sinful is cartoonishly positive. Each Elite fiefdom seeks to masks its single-minded devotion to its comprise self-hobby within the aid of stunning-sounding claims of noble beliefs: a Multipolar World (by which we’re free to pillage the planet), Freedom of Speech (managed by us, for positive), Decentralized Finance (which appropriate so occurs to be owned and managed by the few) and a intensive spectrum of loads of conceal tales for the enrichment of Elite fiefdoms on the expense of society at intensive.

With the emergence of AI Chatbots, each Warring Fiefdom now has the vogue to crush the media with billions of computerized messages in regards to the exact and noble and idealistic targets of our Fiefdom and the way the execrable Central Enlighten is scheming to limit our powers of predation (Central Enlighten, Unsuitable, our Fiefdom, Marvelous!) or some rabble of Peasantry threatens our extraction of wealth and our demise-grip on vitality (The Aristocracy-owned Fiefdom, Marvelous, Peasantry, Unsuitable!).

The core message is regularly the identical: rising our wealth, vitality, earnings and modify is exact for you, too. You are going to all help in the event you help us steady our fiefdom from any threats.

The propaganda is designed to no longer appropriate colonize our minds nonetheless assign away with any toddle to arrange a bunch up a question to to cui bono, to whose help? The one-minded self-hobby of each Elite fiefdom wishes to be hidden lest the powerless lower courses originate asking if the expansion of 1 fiefdom’s vitality and modify surely benefits society at intensive or no longer.

On this no-holds-barred existential conflict for supremacy, Elite fiefdoms will breeze down society to weaken any likely resistance. So nationwide interest is cast as Sinful, whereas Multipolar Wonderfulness is Marvelous (now the full world can at closing verbalize fully gratified songs throughout the campfire!), any regulatory restraints are Sinful whereas the rigged „free market” is Marvelous (let the „market” which we modify take winners and losers; hey, shock, we gained!). Each fiefdom wishes to be free to pillage with out restraint („Demand your physician about Euphorestra,” and many others.).

Inside the Experience of Warring Elites, All of the items is Staged (October 22, 2020). The Elite fiefdoms do not care if society and the economic system fragment and provides plot; they welcome the dissolution of nationwide motive, civic benefit and shared sacrifice as obstructions to their very comprise limitless greed for additional vitality and modify.

In a weakened Nation-Enlighten, the fiefdoms will probably be free to pillage with out restraint. If society is an obstruction, they’re going to gladly breeze it down with propaganda designed to fragment the Peasantry and undermine any entity which might per probability effectively want the vitality to restrain their limitless greed. (I deal with the principle roles of nationwide motive, civic benefit and shared sacrifice in my e-book World Disaster, Nationwide Renewal.)

Prior to you resolve right into a slickly scripted depiction of what wishes to be undermined to flee its give plot, arrange a bunch up a question to to to whose help? Precisely who benefits from selling the give plot of this or that? We already know the acknowledge: the Elite fiefdoms who will probably be free to pillage as quickly as any supply of resistance has been damaged into gadgets.

What the Warring Elites do not want us to understand is {that a} system of clear rivals by which no fiefdom is allowed to vary into dominant easiest serves the pursuits of society at intensive. Prior to we breeze the whole lot down, arrange a bunch up a question to to who will toddle to comprise the vitality vacuum with their very comprise self-serving agenda?

Inside the interim, „Demand your physician about Euphorestra.”


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