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By job of all points protection energy, I personal been following a handful of analysts amongst whom Croatian Admiral Davorin Domazet (retired) emerged as maybe my licensed. He has deep and detailed educate of technical points (treasure Andreiy Martyanov he insists that you simply simply would possibly maybe be able to’t prevail in modern battle with out deep recordsdata of of significant arithmetic and chance). Further importantly, he has maybe the clearest understanding of the mountainous historical context of today’s conflict between Russia and the western powers.

Sadly, Admiral Domazet wouldn’t give many interviews and none in English, nonetheless I perception that his closing one was once important satisfactory to share further broadly listed right here.


In case you occur to enlighten Croatian/Serbian languages, you would possibly maybe maybe maybe receive the interview, revealed on 17 March 2023 at this hyperlink. It runs over 2 hours.

The context is all of the items

Domazet is the supreme protection energy analyst that I do know of, who takes into story the traditional previous of western financial oligarchy, their Venetian roots, migration to Amsterdam the place they fashioned the Dutch Empire, and subsequent amble to London which, to at present stays the ideological and spiritual headquarters of the undead British Empire.

He has precisely labelled humanity’s enemy as a result of the “western occult oligarchy,” and has even referred to as the battle in Ukraine as a result of the conflict between Christ and anti-Christ, underlining that the anti-Christ is within the west. Ideas you Croatia is a NATO member clarify and is, treasure Poland, a catholic Slavic nation, sharing even a few of its cultural Russophobia (although it is a good distance by no means going to be fairly as rabid in Croatia because it’s in Poland).

About Russia’s hypersonic weapons

On the other hand, the fragment of Domazet’s closing interview that I found specifically value sharing wass what he laid out about Russia’s hypersonic weapons.

It was once in 2018 that Vladimir Putin took the stage to current Russia’s distinctive hypersonic weapons. The time period „hypersonic” refers to missiles that cruise at speeds of 5 mach and elevated. On the time, many within the west brushed apart Putin’s claims and perception it was once a bluff. We now know that he wasn’t bluffing. Russia is the supreme nation within the space that has deployment-ready hypersonic missiles – now not one nonetheless three sorts: Zircons, Kinzhals and Avantguards. 

Domazet outlined why these weapons are radical sport changers in battle. Particularly, in World Battle 1, tanks had been the sport altering protection energy expertise; since World Battle 2, it’s been the air-power. Airplane supplier strike teams personal been an irresistible energy wherever they travelled, dominating the seas ever since. However hypersonic precision missiles personal rendered that energy light in a single day.

The important protection energy entrance on this day’s worldwide battle, consistent with Domazet, are the Anti-Ballistic (ABM) batteries which the US has dwelling up on the Poland-Romania axis, and the Russians on the North Pole-Kaliningrad-Crimea-Syria axis. These are defensive techniques, conceived to intercept incoming nuclear missiles. On the other hand, today’s ABM techniques are most attention-grabbing environment friendly in opposition to missiles flying at speeds as much as mach 3.5 (3.5 x the tempo of sound).

The Kinzhal turns mighty aircraft supplier strike teams into sitting geese

Russia’s distinctive Kinzhal missile flies at speeds of mach 12 to mach 15 and nothing in western defensive arsenals can finish its strike. All through the battle in Ukraine, Russia an stunning demonstration of its vitality. The primary Kinzhal strike, delivered one month after the beginning put of hostilities in Ukraine, was once maybe a really highly effective: Russian forces centered a trim weapons depot in Ukraine which had been constructed to resist a nuclear strike. It was once buried 170 meters (over 500 toes) underground and guarded by a number of layers of armored concrete.

The Kinzhal flies at altitudes of between 20 and 40 km, with a most differ of two,000 km. When above goal, it dives perpendicularly and hastens to fifteen mach, gathering mountainous kinetic vitality as properly to its explosive payload. That first strike with a single Kinzhal missile destroyed Ukraine’s nuke-proof underground weapons depot. This was once a message for the west. 

Moscow calling: we are able to sink ALL your carriers

The Kinzhal was once developed with the particular system of destroying aircraft supplier strike teams. If it might maybe maybe maybe abolish a warehouse constructed to resist a nuclear strike, it might maybe sever by way of an aircraft supplier treasure a scorching knife by way of butter.


In keeping with Admiral Domazet, neither the western powers nor China are wherever finish to having weapons treasure that. He outlined that the extreme matter with hypersonic weapons are the extraordinary temperatures reached for the size of hypersonic flights on the skin of missiles, which is ready to set off the missiles to interrupt aside mid-flight. Russia is the supreme nation that has developed particular presents that allow the missiles to resist this stress, so their flight would possibly even be managed all through its trajectory and delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

Western intelligence estimated that Russia had some 50 Kinzhals on the launch of the battle in Ukraine, and to this degree it has damaged-down most attention-grabbing 9 of them. Closing week, they fired six Kinzhals in a single salvo. That too, was once a message. Right here’s how Domazet outlined it: United States personal 11 aircraft supplier strike teams. Of those, fewer than half of might be partaking at anyone time (whereas others are in dock for maintenance, or in preparation). Firing six Kinzhals in a single amble is protection power-enlighten for, “now we personal the aptitude to sink ALL of your aircraft carriers in straight.”

Russia will crawl out of ammunitions any minute now, (consultants reveal)…

Russia has the talent to supply about 200 of them per one year and now has attain of delivering them wherever from aircraft, ships and submarines. Furthermore to destroying aircraft carriers, they could have the ability to abolish NATOs ABM missile websites additionally. In a nutshell, Russia has – for now – acquired the arms trot.

It’d maybe maybe maybe maybe snatch the western powers 10 years or longer to favor up and until then, the supreme choice to e e book apparent of shedding the battle is to each concede defeat and accept Russia’s safety calls for, or to escalate the battle to nuclear change.

A conservative estimate means that no now not as much as a billion of us would perish in considered one of these battle and no-one would snatch. Who would accomplish considered one of these narrate? The premise of the utilization of nuclear weapons is, actually, so frightful that we will even be assured that our leaders won’t ever chosen the path of escalation. Utterly, no person’s that unhealthy, are they?

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